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V. Gastevich Investments is a Chicago based Family Office seeking private investment opportunities in the burgeoning US cannabis industry.

We abide by the principles VGI was founded on – invest in good people, innovative ideas, and companies

that are honest and ethical stewards of shareholder capital. In 2014, we saw an opportunity in the cannabis space and invested early,

going deeper in successive rounds with our portfolio companies, choosing vested partners with aligned interests.

We have built a network of Family Offices and investors to help connect the right companies with capital.

Who We Are

V. Gastevich Investments was formed in 2005. We are a Chicago based Family Office with

a history rooted in real estate, private equity, and cannabis-based investments.

With unique and diverse perspectives, an entrepreneurial spirit has consistently been our guiding force.

Cannabis Plant
Our Portfolio Companies


The US cannabis space provides a vast opportunity as states continue to convert the illicit market into a regulated ecosystem

that drives tax revenue and jobs. Our portfolio companies include unicorns that have gone public, non-plant touching ancillary companies,

and private MSO’s. We have participated in equity, debt, and convertible financing rounds.

Seeking New Opportunities
Seeking New Opportunities

We welcome inquiries from US cannabis companies that promote best practices and are in need of capital in order to

implement short or long-term strategic plans. V. Gastevich Investments is a private Family Office that only invests its own funds.

We do not solicit public investment.