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V. Gastevich Investments is a Chicago-based Family Office with decades of diversified investing and portfolio management experience, including core concentrations in real estate, private equity, and angel investments. We are guided by the principles of VGI's founder, Vladimir Gastevich Jr: prudent capital allocation, elevated due diligence, and ethical stewardship. VGI seeks to invest and partner with operating teams who share in this core vision and investment philosophy. We strive to be good partners, and create mutually beneficial synergies with our portfolio companies whenever possible.


Having started with a primary focus in real estate development and middle market private equity, V. Gastevich Investments pivoted towards a key focus on the burgeoning US cannabis industry in late 2014. While seeking to support much needed medical therapies, we also saw an opportunity to capitalize on the conversion of a long-standing illicit market to legal channels. With early investments in what are now some of the largest cannabis companies in the world, we have been able to capitalize on public market liquidity to reinvest in large TAM opportunities experiencing similar inflection points and growth.

Dora Kutyla Gastevich  I  President      

Alexander Gastevich  I  Vice President    Nicholas Gastevich  I  Vice President

Olivia Gastevich  I  Research Analyst

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